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Restaurants Hotel in Mexico City

Mexico is a country with a lot of international foods: its rich dishes have circled the world thanks to its unusual flavours and delicious local products. That is why, in the Krystal Grand Suites Insurgentes restaurants we have designed food areas for you to enjoy unique flavours. Get to know our traditional cuisine at the gourmet grill, the restaurant for informal dinners, executive lunches and full breakfasts, a rich deli for light meals and an elegant restaurant with cocktails and live music.

La Reforma Uno Cantina Krystal Grand Suites Insurgentes Mexico City

La Reforma Uno Cantina

This restaurant of purely Mexican food is one of the most famous gourmet places in Mexico City for its exquisite traditional dishes and excellent grilled meats and fresh fish.

San Ángel Café Restaurant

This is the perfect place to enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning and it is also ideal for an executive lunch, with light, tasty dishes and for informal dinners, with colleagues, friends or family.

San Ángel Café Restaurant Krystal Grand Suites Insurgentes Mexico City
Restaurant Deli Take a bite Krystal Grand Suites Insurgentes Mexico City

Restaurant Deli Take a bite

The Take A Bite deli restaurant is our suggestion for a snack between hours or to have a light meal by choosing sandwiches, fresh and varied salads, desserts with a thousand flavours and drinks. The perfect place for a healthy and fun snack.

Restaurant Lobby Bar

Live music and cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to the evenings in the Lobby Bar. This spot is designed for you to enjoy the atmosphere, chat and experience really special moments.

Restaurant Lobby Bar Krystal Grand Suites Insurgentes Mexico City
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